Move with Africa: racism in the North

Move with Africa: racism in the North

As Europeans, we take a lot of what we have for granted, and even though we do also have problems of our own in the north, they are mostly consequences of our actions, not someone else’s. All over the world, people of colour have been discriminated against for centuries, all because of us and our actions. Although we learn about our history of racism, colonisation and slavery, we refuse to acknowledge the impact that these acts still have to this day, and though it wasn’t us who did these deeds, the fact that we don’t do anything about it makes us almost as cruel as our ancestors who did do them.

We have so much ignorance for this topic, and while it is a difficult problem to fix, we need to try a lot harder than we are right now. Everyone should be aware of the severity of the situation and the impact that we still have on the mindset of people of colour, who have only ever treated us with respect, even though we are the reason for a lot of their suffering. Many people here, in Rwanda, plan to come to Europe for university or to work in the future but, like Salma, what holds them back is the discrimination they fear to face upon arrival there. This shouldn’t be a problem but it is and it’s our fault. We can’t just let people suffer because we aren’t suffering ourselves. We need to do everything we can to fix it because no one should be bullied, especially not for something banal and superficial like skin colour.

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